Sunday, November 07, 2004

Me and Shane Cole the bassman

Me and Shane! Australia rocks. Posted by Hello

Hey fellas, this me and Shane Cole, the bassman. He's a real bass man. Currently working on Geeve's debut album, you gotta listen to the demo of the debut single, is great!
I think this the best rap single ever heard from any young Nigerian artist.
The single contains jazz, pop, rock and hip hop flavours. You know what I mean.
Though couple of things to make the debut single ready. Keep the good work buddy. I am working on ad libs of the single.
The same boy Geeve trying to become .NET programmer. I will post his picture next.
Good luck buddies. The sky is the starting point.

Monday, November 01, 2004

About Me

Hi, fellas, I'm a developer specializing in Microsoft Technologies and Platforms.
My name is Ibrahim Mohammed (Brainstorm.NET). I am Nigerian, working as ICT Consultant with .NET E-Business Asociates & Consulting Ltd in Abuja, the capital of The Federal Republic of Nigeria.
I have being working with Microsoft development tools, technologies and platforms for almost a decade. But presently, I concentrate on Microsoft .NET technologies and platforms.
Information Technology is a broad field with a lot of innovations and products; it is very difficult to even decide what technology to use at particular time. I chose my Microsoft technologies and platforms because of productivity, simplicity, future update, and supports.
With Microsoft .NET technologies, one can develop robust application that is extensible, interoperable, maintainable, available, reusable and scalable that connects devices, people and business processes easily.
Microsoft Visual C#.NET and Visual Basic.NET are my programming languages of choice, together with Visual Studio.NET, I write N-tier application that targets mobile devices, windows clients, web clients, and service oriented clients.
Back in my organisation, I teach clients' developers about Microsoft .NET technologies, Network administration and troubleshooting using Microsoft operating systems.

I am Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Application Developer for Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Solution Developer for Microsoft .NET. My MCP ID # is 2905453. I am one of the 5,000 charter members in the world to achieve Microsoft Certified Application Developer certificates in the world, and one first few people to achieve Microsoft Certified Solution Developer certificate for M